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This website aims to provide you with free resources that support your class materials and help you to study physics at home.  

A bit about my professional journey...

I'm a Scottish Physics and Science teacher based in Ayr, South Ayrshire.

In my last few years of school, physics and maths were my favourite subjects, so I decided to study Physics at the University of Glasgow from 2012-2016. I obtained a first class honours degree after working my socks off!
When I graduated, I thought I would give teaching a try. I applied and was accepted on to the University of the West of Scotland PGDE Physics and Science programme from 2016-2017 (where I was the only Physics student). 
My probation year (2017-2018) took me to the Highlands, where I worked at a great school - Fortrose Academy - located on the beautiful Black Isle.

After my probation year, I managed to secure my first permanent teacher post at my old secondary school, Belmont Academy (2018-present). I now work alongside some of my old teachers, and despite always being asked whether it is 'weird' to be back in my old school, I'm loving it!

My professional interests lie in improving the use of technology in the classroom, digital literacy, curricular development, retrieval practice and teaching and learning.
Teaching has got to be one of the most rewarding careers out there. I'm just trying to do my bit to help others succeed in physics!
I hope you find this website helpful, along with the YouTube videos that I make. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or enquiries then please don't hesitate to get in contact via YouTube (Mr Mitchell Physics), Twitter (@mrmitchellphys) or email (

Fun fact 1: the dad jokes in my YouTube videos came about because I always read my senior classes a few dad jokes as a 'starter'. I thought I'd continue this in the videos!

Fun fact 2: Mr Mitchell's older brother has a PhD in Physics, so technically he is now 'Dr Mitchell', although I'm not sure he would be much help if you were choking in a restaurant. 

Take care and all the best with your studies,

Mr Mitchell